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The first public message transmitted via morse code was "A patient waiter is no loser"
  • Beginners Code Course Those wanting to learn Morse Code, the following URL should help. It is a course for beginners not knowing the difference between a“dit or “dah.”  The learner with pencil and paper simply folows the voice instruction starting with identifying the sound of dits & dahs and then progressing in twelve lessons to five words per minute...
  • CodeMaster V -- From Milestone Technologies Inc.
  • CodeQuick -- Since 1979 -- From Wheeler Applied Research Lab
  • CW Player -- This freeware program generates the standard Morse characters, Q codes,
    abbreviations, random series of characters and text files. From G. RIVAT F6DQM
  • CW SOFTWARE -- from PA3BWK's Ultimate CW Site -- PileUp, RUFZ, Stormy Weather SoftWare, VK3ESM's Morse Code Programs, MRX Software, QRZ Shareware Collection, EasiWare, K7ON's list of CW shareware
  • G4AUD's NuMorse -- Morse code trainer
  • Ham University -- Learn Morse Code or practice for your FCC exams -- By Michael Crick
  • Koch Method Of Learning Morse -- By Ray Goff, G4FON
  • Learn Morse Code On The Web -- From le club, VE2CRD
  • Learn CW on-line -- At LCWO you can learn Morse telegraphy (CW) online in your browser.
  • Linux Morse -- From HamSoft -- Linux Software For The Ham Community
  • Morse Code/CW Interface for 2M/440 HT's -- Send/Receive Morse Practice Using FM With Ur HT -- From MFJ
  • Morse99 -- Palm OS Version & Windows 95/98/ME/NT/XP Version Morse Tutor for pilots. Now with enhanced LAMP mode for Mariners.
  • Morse Code -- A program from Canada "designed for everyone from beginners to experts who need to brush up or increase their speed". DOS based software, also runs in Windows 3.xx and Windows 95.
  • Morse Academy (ver 5.2q) -- Download From AH0A/7J1AAA Amateur Radio Site
  • Morse Beeper -- From Harold L Hunt II -- program for Microsoft Windows that plays beeps in Morse Code for text that is being typed on the keyboard, regardless of what application you are currently in.
  • MorseCat -- By DK5CI
  • Morse Code version 4.01a -- From Stormy Weather SoftWare
  • Morse Code Teaching Machine -- Excellent Morse Code Trainer
  • Morse Code practice Programs -- Morse Code Training, Practice and Exam Program
  • Morse Code Practice -- From New Zealand -- Great Practice Text
  • Morse Code Tutor -- program written in C++. It can be used for learning or sending.
  • Morse Tutor Gold -- From G.G.T.E. Software
  • MorseMania - -- For The Mac
  • Morse Midi -- Generates Morse messages from text and saves them as MIDI files. Calibrated speed, MIDI playback, automatic text generation. Download from Alex Shovkoplyas, ex UR5EMI (now in VE3)
  • Morse Partner -- help you learn to SEND Morse code.
  • Morse Programs -- From QRZ.com
  • MRP -- Morse Receive / Transmit Programs -- From Polar Electric
  • MRX - -- Morse Receive and Transmit Training. Also new CWCom to transmit and receive morse code and text messages over a LAN or across the internet!
  • N0HR Morse Code Tutor -- (and keyer) for PocketPC PDAs (like the iPAQ, Jordana and Cassiopea).
  • NuMorse Professional, NuCode, NuMorse, and NuTest -- From NuWare -- Excellent Morse Code Trainers By Tony Lacy, G4AUD. The Professional version is completely rewritten in 32 bit Windows.
  • Precision CW -- Several programs
  • Random Character Practice Groups
  • Super Morse -- By Lee Murrah, WD5CID
  • Ultimate CW Website ! -- For the CW Op By PA3BWK, Includes Pileup Trainer
  • W1AW Code Practice -- On The Air, Times and Frequencies
  • WA6EHL CW training programs


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